Bhagavad Gita

One must read the grace of Gita before or after reading the Gita. It is said in Hindu scriptures "There is no human mind and intellect that cannot be purified by a repeated study of the Gita."

Grace Of The Gita

Those who shall study this sacred dialogue of ours shall worship me with Knowledge-sacrifice. This is My promise. (18.70) God and His words are one and the same. The study of Gita is equivalent to worship of God. Life in modern society is all work and no spirituality.

Whoever hears this sacred dialogue with faith and without cavil becomes free from sin, and attains heaven ¾ the higher worlds of those whose actions are pure and virtuous. (18.71)

A summary of the "Glory of the Gita" as elaborated in the scriptures is given below. Reading this glory of the Gita generates faith and devotion in the heart that is essential for reaping the benefits of the study of the Gita.

The goal of human birth is to master the mind and senses and reach one’s destiny. A regular study of the Gita is sure to help achieve this noble goal. One who is regular in the study of the Gita becomes happy, peaceful, prosperous, and free from the bondage of Karma though engaged in the performance of worldly duties. The one who studies even few verses of the Gita every day is not tainted by sin just as water does not stain a lotus leaf. The Gita is the best abode of Lord Krishna. The spiritual potency of the Lord abides in every verse of the Gita.

The Bhagavad-Gita is the storehouse of spiritual knowledge. The Lord Himself spoke this supreme science of the Absolute containing the essence of all the scriptures for the benefit of humanity. All the Upanishads are the cows; Arjuna is the calf; Krishna is the milker; the nectar of the Gita is the milk; and the persons of purified intellects are the drinkers. One need not study any other scripture if he or she seriously studies the Gita, contemplates on the meaning of the verses, and practices its teachings in one’s daily life.

Though engaged in the performance of worldly duties, one who is regular in the study of the Gita becomes happy, and free from Karmic bondage. Sins do not taint who is regular in the study of the Gita. All the sacred centers of pilgrimage, gods, sages, and great souls dwell in the place where the Gita is kept, and read. Help during troubles comes quickly where Gita is recited, and Lord dwells where it is read, heard, taught, and contemplated upon. By repeated reading of the Gita, one attains bliss and liberation. The one who contemplates on the teachings of the Gita at the time of death becomes free from sin and attains salvation. Lord Krishna Himself comes to take the person to His Supreme Abode.

The grace of Gita cannot be described. Its teachings are simple as well as abstruse and profound. New and deeper meanings are revealed to a serious student of the Gita, and the teachings remain ever inspirational. The interest in a serious study of the Gita is not available to all but to those with good Karma only. One should be very earnest in the study of the Gita.

Gita is the heart, the soul, the breath, and the voice form of the Lord. No austerity, penance, sacrifice, charity, pilgrimage, vow, fasting, and continence equals the study of Gita. It is difficult for any ordinary person like us, or even for the great sages and scholars, to understand the deep and secret meaning of the Gita. To understand Gita completely is like a fish trying to fathom the extent of the ocean, or a bird trying to measure the sky. Gita is the deep ocean of the knowledge of the Absolute; only the Lord has a complete understanding of it.

Nobody, other than Lord Krishna should claim authority on the Gita.

O Arjuna, did you listen to this with single-minded attention? Has your delusion born of ignorance been completely destroyed? (18.72) Arjuna said: By Your grace my delusion is destroyed, I have gained Self-knowledge, my confusion with regard to body and Spirit is dispelled and I shall obey Your command. (18.73)

When one realizes Him by His grace, the knots of ignorance are loosened, all doubts and confusion are dispelled, and all Karma is exhausted. The true knowledge of the Supreme Being comes only by His grace.