About Hinduismnet.com

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Hinduismnet.com, the Hinduism information resources website was launched to meet the needs of global Hindus for a spiritual portal. The website focuses on providing niche Indian Hinduism related information.

Lack of a proper Hinduism spiritual portal which Hindus can proudly use and showcase to others was the main idea behind the website. Hinduism resources on the Internet is highly unorganized and lacks the intuitiveness usually a web portal must have. This site serves as a one stop resource for someone who is new to Hinduism to an advanced spiritual individual who wants to dive deep in to the depths of the vast ocean known as Sanatana dharma.

The website has been operational for the past many years under the domain http://dharma.indviews.com. The domain name Hinduismnet.com was acquired for ease of remembrance.

The site is authored from India and thus we have first hand knowledge about our religion. Most of the articles are traditional info available in Sanskrit or Hindi which we have translated. There are contributed articles and we welcome individuals to contribute meaningful content.

The site has acceptance among the education community and is being used as reference, here is a link from University of Southern California.

From Wikipedia external links. We are the only Hinduism site to be linked from the Wikipedia Hinduism page.